On-line, Off Campus Solutions for You and your College Student

With a growing number of empty-nesters faced with the prospect of their college aged children needing an alternative to traditional student housing, students and parents alike are asking themselves “what are we going to do?”

The uncertainty of on campus living and an ever increasing cancellation of in-person classes is resulting in an increase in remote learning and leaving many with a sense of uncertainty when it comes to having a roof over their heads.

It is all too common for parents of college students to begin the downsizing process when their children enter their college years. Many, in hopes of returning to a two person household knowing their child is away at school beginning their journey into independence and adulthood. However, none of these families anticipated the impact that COVID19 would have on the parents and students alike.

For some, downsizing had already occurred and there simply aren’t enough bedrooms and space for the entire family to live under one roof; for others, the proverbial umbilical cord had been cut and reentry into the family homestead is no longer a viable option. Irrespective of the circumstances, the reality is many college students are in need of housing and moving back home is not part of the equation.

Alyssa, a soon to be Springfield College sophomore is facing such a decision. “It is not just downsizing, but all the distractions that studying from home present”, said Alyssa. The reality is, remote learning can be achieved, but students are seeking the independence and environment suitable for studying and a lifestyle comparable to campus living. Many students like Alyssa are evaluating whether or not to return to college this fall, or to pursue remote learning closer to home, but not at home.

Despite the parental desire to enter into this next phase of life without the kids at home, the parental instinct remains as strong as ever to ensure the health and well being of their children, no matter their age and station in life. Communities such as Quarry Walk in Oxford, Connecticut can provide both child and parent a workable solution during these challenging times.

With 150 Units of luxury apartments, The Residences at Quarry Walk can be the ideal “off campus” living that provides you, your son or daughter the solution to their housing needs. With a variety of 1 Bedroom Units and spacious 2 Bedroom designs, students with or without roommates will find The Residences at Quarry Walk a comfortable alternative to dorm living. Where remote learning can be achieved, without the isolation and uncertainty.

Quarry Walk is a 300,000 sf mixed use development in southwest Connecticut, with all the conveniences within walking distance. From market-style grocery shopping, banking, restaurants, juice bar, boutiques and a host of healthcare providers, Quarry Walk has all the necessities and conveniences of a walkable downtown and a quintessential New England green, walking trails and a real sense of community.

Quarry Walk was designed as a Third Place, a community with social surroundings with a sense of place. Ray Oldenberg’s influential book The Great Good Place argues that the third places are important to our society. The “first place” being our home, the “second place” being our workplace and the “third place” which anchors community life.

Imagine your child living in a place that feels like home, allows them the space to grow and study while being connected. Uncertainty and isolation is no way for anyone to live, let along students embarking upon what should be some of the best years of their lives. One might even say, Quarry Walk is a campus without the college (at least in the traditional sense).

For more information on The Residences at Quarry Walk or visit LiveatQuarryWalk.com or email info@liveatquarrywalk.com

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