With Supercuts, Quarry Walk Gets Closer to Village Experience

On January 25, 2017, Supercuts started their soft opening period at Quarry Walk in Oxford, CT. The Oxford branch of the national chain is owned and operated by two Connecticut residents and they have hired a team of local stylists with over 30 years of combined experience. Centrally located in Quarry Walk's main strip, the addition of the nationally-recognized salon adds another important service to the list of offerings at Oxford's new downtown.

Seeking to provide residents of Oxford and the surrounding area with not just a new location, but the best location, for all they could possibly need on a Sunday afternoon, Quarry Walk has been quickly expanding. With the addition of Supercuts it becomes easier than ever for residents of the area do get some errands done and give themselves a fresh, new cut. With the advantage of being backed by the top haircare franchise in the US, Supercuts offers service for walkins and appointments. You can even schedule your haircut by downloading the Supercuts mobile app.

Supercuts doesn't just provide convenience though, they also offer great prices. Now through February 12, 2017, regular haircuts will be offered for $12.95, with prices dropping to $11.95 for both juniors and seniors. Supercuts is planning their Grand Opening event for February 12th as well, so make sure to stop in and take advantage of this deal!

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