Quarry Walk - Sustaining the Future


Haynes Development has retained the services of NorthEast Energy Designs and Solutions, LLC (NEEDS) to assist with identifying and procuring alternative energy sources for Quarry Walk (QW), their 32 acre mixed use development in Oxford CT. Home to Market 32 by Price Chopper, Oxford’s first and only grocery store, QW has over 215,000sf of commercial, retail and professional office space and 150 distinguished Residential Units.

Tom Haynes, President of Haynes Development said that “It has been our goal since day one, to make Quarry Walk a model of sustainability and resiliency. We have incorporated natural stone from the site into the site construction, landscaping and building facades. Tenant spaces are being constructed with green building technology, utilizing the most efficient lighting and mechanical equipment possible. The Green Energy component is very complex and we are exploring solar, fuel cell and micro-grid opportunities, said Haynes.

“The Haynes Development team has embraced building with plans to incorporate more than 800KW of photovoltaic solar with an eye on adding a fuel cell to create a micro-grid” said John Dunster, Director of North East Energy Designs and Solutions “. Working with the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection and the CT Green Bank, we hope to find ways to create energy independence at Quarry Walk.” Connecticut has various incentives that were created to encourage both renewable energy and business continuity in the event of another regional power outage.

Haynes is hoping to incorporate a fuel cell, such as the one Connecticut based Doosan manufactures, having been awarded a Low Emissions Renewable Energy Credit (LREC) for Eversource. The LREC program was part of the State’s legislation passed to encourage renewable energy project in the Connecticut. The fuel cell would generate more than 3,000,000 kwhs a year and could provide backup power for a load of more than 400KW.

“In addition to the LRECs, Quarry Walk has also secured more than 800 Zero Emission Renewable Energy Credits (ZRECS) for their planned solar installation. The planned solar could generate as much as 25% on the energy for the initial phase” Dunster explained. “While it is hard to say for sure, we believe that this project has the potential to be the “greenest” mixed use development in the state.”

Kathy Ekstrom, Haynes’s Development Manager and the development’s lead tenant contact said “Our vision for sustainability aligns with many of our current and potential tenants, our goal of incorporating photovoltaic solar and the potential of development wide backup power is unparalleled.

“The project will result in the creation of an estimated 1,000+ local jobs and the idea that citizens and businesses could have a safe haven in the event of a significant power outage is extremely beneficial.” Ekstrom said.

Tom Haynes sees Quarry Walk’s sustainable focus as the future of development. “We are planning to carry this over to the residential side of the project as well”. The Community Green and 150 Residential Units and walking trails will provide a downtown living experience.

Haynes Development and Materials is a family owned business that that has been serving Connecticut for more than 50 years.

For more information please contact:

Kathy Ekstrom kekstrom@haynesdevelopment.com 203-376-7182

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